Conflict happens every day, whether we are ready for it or not. Life happens from zero to sixty and you better be prepared. Lets be honest, the world is not made out of mats, no one is coming to save you and that belt your spent 5 grand attaining is good for nothing. You need training that has been proven in combat & will give you the edge when you need it. Your training should kick in during a crisis/ high speed situation & be second nature. You freeze, you die. This is the truth of the matter!

  Here at Alamut, we stress combat readiness. This includes-situational awareness, developing a “combat chassis” or ideal health in order to give you the “one up” on your competition as well as the mental fortitude to deal with any obstacle that stands in your way. All of your training will begin to move from the training floor into other parts of your life and this is how we create the “Perfect Warrior”. Our core systems have been used in combat & have been battle proven. If it doesn’t work, we don’t teach it, Period!

PRIVATE TRAINING                      


Alamut Combative Arts specializes in private one on one training catered to your needs. Whether it’s simple fitness and self defense for the every day civilian or focused skill needed for LEO, personal security or any high level skilled
position requiring the best training. Alamut Combative Arts can cater a training regiment and schedule to suit you.

Alamut Combative Arts also offers a Pekiti Tirsia Kali/ Reality-based combative group training classes every Thursday night at 7:30-9pm. Private facility, please call for directions/ information.

For more details or to schedule your custom training, please contact (503)268-9938

Group training is located at:
  Private Training Facility, Thursday evening @7:30pm-9pm, please contact (503)268-9938 for information/ directions.

Give us a call today & start the journey to being “Hard to Kill”!